This blog is an irreverent look my mid-life “emotional growth spurt.”

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  • Following in the Footsteps of a Texas Artist

    I’m taking every opportunity to wrack up more adventures. After all, how can you write a blog entitled, “The Adventures of a Modern Day Church Lady,” if you stay put?…

  • Thankful for Asylum Seekers

    I wasn’t looking forward to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was the first major holiday since my mother, Marion Wetzel, died in May, two days after her 91st birthday. I was certain Thanksgiving…

  • Cross Cultural Illumination #2: Mam I’m Praying

    I was very excited at the prospect of picking up Mahmoud at the detention center, after he received asylum. I felt like a tour guide introducing him to a kinder,…

  • Cross Cultural Illumination #1: It is a Cat-Dog

    Dinner with two recent Ethiopian Asylees shine a light on Americans’ curious personification of pets.  One of the most puzzling American habits to those new the USA is our treatment…

Meet The Modern Day Church Lady: Dorothy Wetzel

I call my blog, “The Adventures of a Modern Day Church Lady,” because being part of a “progressively minded” church has been one of my greatest sources of inspiration for my growth spurt. Church takes me on adventures—intellectually, spiritually and literally—bringing me to places I would never go on my own, like Haiti, Sierra Leone and even jail. My worldview is ever expanding.
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