Following in the Footsteps of a Texas Artist

I’m taking every opportunity to wrack up more adventures. After all, how can you write a blog entitled, “The Adventures of a Modern Day Church Lady,” if you stay put?

I can do most of my paid work remotely, so why not work out of different interesting locales? As someone who worked in Corporate America for over 25 years, it has taken me a long time to not feel guilty for being tethered to a traditional 8 am-6 pm corporate schedule and fixed office space. If the Millennials on my team can call in from California campsites, I can participate while bopping around Beeville, Texas.

My visits this year to the great state of Texas included Beeville, San Antonio and Austin as I followed in the footsteps of my artist cousin, Jeri Salter. Jeri is a leading Texas pastel artist who “highlights the open skies and rolling plains of the Texas landscape” as well as finding similar beauty in fading rural buildings and roadways.

Church Lady with her cousin, Jeri Salter in Blanton Museum of Art, Austin Texas

The Beeville Bop

Bee-Fest Bracelet

Beeville is about an hour and half drive south of San Antonio. A small Texas town, whose pride in its past can be seen in the beautifully refurbished Rialto theater. The town’s struggles with the present are equally evident. When you go to the town’s website, its landing page contains a “Maximum Contaminant Level Violation” notice for Beeville water.

I bopped down to Beeville to attend Jeri’s solo art exhibit at the Beeville Museum, held during the annual Bee-Fest. The Bee-Fest grounds were full of crafts for sale and adorable dancers in brilliantly colored costumes.

Two beautiful Bee-Fest dancers
Some of my favorite pictures from Jeri’s exhibit
In Case of Fire by Jeri Salter
Two Windows by Jeri Salter
Last Light on Winter Trees

I’m happy to say that I will soon be the proud owner of both In Case of Fire and Last Light on Winter Trees. Luckily, I get a Friends and Family discount. Jeri’s work is available through the William Reaves/Sarah Foltz Fine Art Gallery in Houston, Texas.

Sauntering Around San Antonio

After Beeville, we sauntered over to San Antonio to the Witte Museum, a museum of “Everything Texas.” Jeri’s paintings of three famous Texas rivers were featured One exhibit about famous Texas rivers contained three of Jeri’s paintings.

The three paintings on exhibit at the Witte Museum
Last Light on San Gabriel River by Jeri Salter
Brazos at Sunrise at Village Bend by Jeri Salter
The Pecos at Pendale by Jeri Salter

My Austin Adventure

During nature walks with Jeri, I got to see the artist at work. Jeri’s art is rooted in a deep love of the Texas landscape. When she needs inspiration, she grabs her camera and drives hundreds of miles around Texas. Jeri thinks nothing of making a six-hour drive from Austin to Marfa, Texas. Here are some snaps I took of  us traipsing around Walnut Creek Park(which thankfully is close to her house as New Jerseyans like me do not tolerate long drives well)

Walnut Creek snaps
Jeri capturing the scene for her next painting
Jeri with her dog Cody
Beautiful Walnut Creek Park
A spider web in Walnut Creek Park

Exploring My Artistic Side

 I can’t paint like my cousin. But recently, I have taken up photography. With the help of a few courses and I’ve gone from being notorious for headless shots of family members to someone who can take a decent picture.

All the better to document my ever frequent adventures.

Action shot of Cody with a stick

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