All You Need to Know about Asylum in 5 Easy Videos

Some people just keep on giving and Edafe Okporo is one of them. Edafe is currently the Executive Director of the RDJ Refugee Center and the Founder of The Pont, LLC, a marketing company dedicated to telling the stories of newcomers. Edafe was granted asylum in the USA in 2017. He was forced to flee his Nigeria after an angry mob dragged him from his apartment and threatened to kill him for being gay.

No matter what the situation, Edafe finds a way to help others. Funny story, I got to know Edafe because I noticed the same handwriting on letters from the two people who I was corresponding with in immigration detention.  One of my correspondents fessed up during our visits that he had gotten help from Edafe and that in fact, Edafe assisted their entire dorm in the detention center with their letter writing.

Now Edafe is helping a broader audience by creating a video series to help people better understand the US Asylum process. The series covers how to: 1) apply for asylum, 2) get help after receiving asylum, 3) travel as a refugee and 4) obtain a Green Card.

Edafe outlines the common pitfalls refugees may experience, drawing from the mistakes he made while undergoing the process. For those of us who work with people seeking asylum, the videos lay out in an organized fashion what most of us have had to pick up piecemeal.

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1. Introduction to Asylum

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2. How to Seek Asylum

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3. Getting Help After Asylum

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4. Travel After Asylum

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5. Getting a Green Card

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