How to Quickly Dance Away Your Fantastic Thanksgiving Pie

Forget the post prandial thanksgiving walk! It’s too cold outside. Try a post-dinner dance party instead.

Thanksgiving dinner was a global affair at our house with friends hailing from across the globe: Togo, Zanzibar, Nigeria, Sudan and Belize.  Several are political exiles; one left his country to escape mob “justice” for the crime of being LGBTQ. Another suffered at the hands of police pursuing a personal vendetta. All examples of the human cost of living in a country where the rule of law has crumbled.

The dancing started with my musician son sampling some of his music. People leapt off the couch to dance.  Nobody wanted to stop, so my daughter and our guests hit up Spotify and turned on Davido,  Flavour, Babes Wodumo and Orezi.

Our Thanksgiving was also a Thanksgiving of shared firsts. With the exception of Davido, the African voices reverberating through the house were new to me as was the concept of a post- Thanksgiving dinner Dance Party. For several of our friends, the Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie were a first.  A Thanksgiving of true cultural exchange. One that will stand the test of time, unlike the questions that swirl around the first Thanksgiving. After all, we’ve got the video.

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