Too Much Food To Enjoy

 2017 Update


During Lent 2016, I embraced Marie Kondo’s “too much to enjoy,” concept.  In my 2016 Lent IV post,  I write how I was able to extend this concept to food and remember the bizarre “banana naming” practice of my youth.


Marie Kondo Does Lent: Too Much Food To Enjoy  

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This is the 4th post in the Marie Kondo Does Lent series

Marie Kondo’s concept of “too much to enjoy” helps me with food too. My parents were a little weird about food. We didn’t have many snacks hanging around. While I am now glad that I did not have the opportunity to binge on junk food, why did we have to ration the bananas! We used to put our names on them! I hadn’t been aware of how odd this “banana naming” practice was until my good friend, Janie MacPherson, spent a few days with us while her parents were out of town. She literally fell on the floor laughing when she saw the marked bananas. As a guest, there was one with her name on it too!

Bananas with Modern Church Lady on themI grew up during the time of the Viet Nam war in the 60-70’s and was not a very sensitive or politically aware teenager. So I used to joke that our relatively empty refrigerator was reminiscent of a Cambodian refrigerator. Instead of shaming my mother into buying more snacks, she laughed and proudly repeated my clever remark. I now, of course regret comparing our well-stocked larders with those of a people being starved to death. A true example of someone being “spiritually versus materially poor” if there ever was one.

Naturally this “faux food deprivation” colored my approach to eating. If I was at a buffet, it was like every dish had my name on it! I deserved to eat it! So in many ways, the concept of “too much to enjoy” was a lifesaver for me when it came to over eating.

I experienced the power of “too much to enjoy” during a recent all-inclusive food and drink vacation. I found myself with a plate of three fish tacos, packed with shredded lettuce, sprinkled with queso fresco cheese and a perfect squiggle of light green crema.

I asked myself after the second one, “Is the third too much to enjoy?

The answer was yes and I left it on my plate.


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